Monday, May 3, 2010

Being Overweight Can Be Healthy

A new study shows that carrying a little extra weight can prevent against osteoporosis and make you look younger. It doesn’t affect your risk of cardiovascular disease or cancer since it is usually just subcutaneous fat. That means that it doesn’t affect your organs or cause a potbelly, factors that can greatly increase risk of heart disease and diabetes, but it resides in the hips, thighs, and glutes.

One study showed that slightly overweight people in their 70’s were more likely to live ten years than “normal” weight or obese people. Having extra fat in your face can relieve the sagging of age and provide more volume, making you look younger.

Being slightly overweight doesn’t mean that you can’t be healthy. It just demonstrates that there are different body types that don’t necessarily equate health with skinny. To stay healthy, take kosher supplements like kosher fish oil or solgar vitamins, in order to give your body the natural vitamins and minerals it needs.

Determining you body mass index can help you figure out your natural weight. Clicking here will tell you whether you can stand to put on a few pounds or move out of the obese range. Buy some kosher vitamins for the latter and kosher fish oil for the former.


paul said...

I didn't know that it can actually make you healthy. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Always maintain your health by eating the right food.

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Ralph Johnson said...

This is an eyeopener and breaking the myth of skinny equates healthy and fat equals unhealthy.

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