Monday, April 26, 2010

5 Kosher Supplements You Should Be Taking

Vitamin D: Low levels of Vitamin D have been linked to health issues ranging from osteoporosis, diabetes, breast, prostate, and colon cancer. Most people get Vitamin D from the sunlight, but if you’re living in a habitually gray area, you will need to stock up on your vitamin D to feel your best.

Fish oils: Fish oil supplements are a great way to protect your body from strokes and heart attacks. And they work wonders for your skin, hair and nails. The Omega-3 is great for you, so if you don’t like fish, take the supplements as an alternative.

Selenium: Selenium is an essential mineral that most people are lacking in their daily intake. Particularly beneficial for males, selenium is said to increase sperm count and reduce the risk of prostate cancer.

Folic acid: Folic acid is incredibly important in the regulation of many essential body processes. Some of these processes include cell maintenance and repair, synthesis of DNA, amino acid metabolism and formation of white and red blood cells.

Multivitamins: Multivitamins are fail-safe ways to ensure your body is getting an adequate amount of the essential vitamins and nutrients it needs to function at its best. The health benefits of multivitamins are limitless and there are some that are specifically designed for men, women, kid, pregnant women, and more.

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paul said...

Thanks a lot for that list. Don't forget to take these nutrients to maintain your health.

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will glennon said...

Vitamin D is a very important vitamin for your bones. Vitamin D helps the body absorb the calcium it needs to have stronger bones.

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