Monday, March 8, 2010

Don't Worry, 'B' Happy!

If you’ve been feeling a little down in the dumps lately, it might be because of vitamins, or a lack thereof – specifically B Vitamins. These vitamins help to keep you happy and promote cellular growth and regeneration.

Here’s a quick list to refresh your memory if you’ve forgotten which B Vitamin is which:
• Vitamin B1 –thiamine
• Vitamin B2 –riboflavin
• Vitamin B3 –niacin
• Vitamin B7 –biotin
• Vitamin B9 –folic acid
These are some of the more common B Vitamins which if you don’t ingest either in food or kosher supplement form, can cause problems in the body. These vitamins improve the health of the skin, eyes, hair, liver, muscles and facilitate the breakdown of carbohydrates into energy.

These vitamins are found in a variety of foods such as bananas, meats, rice and countless vegetables. As long as you eat a balanced diet, you shouldn’t worry about getting your B vitamins, but if you feel like your diet has recently been poor and you can feel the difference, getting a kosher supplement might make up for it. So feel better by living healthier, and whether it’s through what you eat, or the vitamins you take, start being happier today!

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