Monday, March 22, 2010

Calcium: Building Block of the Body

This mineral, number 20 on the periodic table, (Ca) is essential to bone growth and development and is the most abundant mineral in the body. Although calcium also functions to contract muscles and dilate and contract blood vessels, its most prominent function is to maintain the structure of teeth and bones. Bones constantly undergo deformation and reformation, the balance of which changes according to how we age. For children, reformation occurs more frequently than deformation but in older folks, it is the other way around, which is why osteoporosis is more common for seniors than it is for middle aged adults.

From late childhood on, about 1000mg of calcium are recommended daily. Dairy products are especially high in calcium, as are sardines, broccoli, and kale. If you are lactose intolerant, however, it can be especially difficult to get your daily dose of calcium. Even if you aren’t it still might be beneficial to your diet to consume kosher supplements, which are rife with essential vitamins and minerals. Kosher supplements are a great way to get calcium and other vitamins which can help you feel and be healthier. So shop for Maxi Health vitamins and Bluebonnet vitamins on!

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